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I congratulate Veselin Jungic for the creation of the Masterclass Lecture Series held in the IRMACS Presentation Studio. By definition, we cannot all belong to the "masterclass". However, the lectures provide insight, inspiration and hints related to a successful career. In the case of the Richard Lockhart lecture, I recommend this as must-see viewing for anyone in the Canadian Statistical Sciences.

Tim Swartz, Department of Statistics and Acturial Science, Simon Fraser University

Leading up to the Connections in Discrete Mathematics conference the IRMACS Centre gave tremendous logistical support in helping to arrange the local aspects of the conference, including registration, housing, reserving spaces, planning social events and so on.  During the conference, the personnel at the IRMACS Centre continued to offer their support to help ensure the conference ran smoothly.  Thanks in large part to these efforts, the conference partipants enjoyed a spectacularly well run and vibrant event, many of them commenting that this was the best run conference they had ever attended.

Steve Butler, Department of Mathematics, Iowa State University


Dear IRMACS, Thanks so much. We really appreciated working with you for this event, and I found the venue, services and price to be a great value. Enjoy your day! 

Heather Keeping, Engineering Science Co-operative Education, Simon Fraser University


I wanted to thank the IRMACS team, the Dean of Graduate Studies Office, the Director of Ceremonies and Events, and the President's office for providing me with all possible assistance to make this event a huge success. With Professor Bob Anderson's superb facilitation Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (former President of India) had a vibrant and enjoyable dialogue with the houseful audience. It has been an absolute privilege and pleasure to get the opportunity to work with you!

Anis Rahman, Burnaby Mountain College 


Please accept my thanks to you and all the staff at the IRMACS Centre. The recent conference of the Canadian Society of Forensic Science (CSFS) was one of the best that I have been fortunate to attend. This is in no small measure to the IRMACS facility and staff.

Tobin Tanaka, Forensic Document Examiner, Canadian Border Service Agency


IRMACS is a wonderful facility for such a conference.  The atrium was ideal for talking to participants between talks. ... The staff were all very helpful!  I hope to attend another conference at IRMACS soon. Matt Klassen
DigiPen Institute of Technology, Redmond, Washington
Thank you for organizing a wonderful conference ... to me it was more interesting and useful than almost any other conference in recent years ... Very high scientific value and standards - Staff and Technical Support were excellent, in every respect ... IRMACS facilities - These are enviable. Karl Dilcher
Department of Mathematics, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia
... love IRMACS modern facilities. IRMACS: Outstanding, the theatre is a real pleasure to give a talk in! Heinz Bauschke
Irving K. Barber School of Art and Science, University of British Columbia Okanagen, Kelowna, British Columbia
The conference was excellent, in many ways. I greatly enjoyed the content that exhibited the many facets of Peter Borwein's mathematical interests, and the spirit of collaboration that pervades his work and is clearly at the center of the IRMACS philosophy. The conference was extremely well-run - Tech support was absolutely top-notch ... everything ran very smoothly at IRMACS - speakers with particular needs were also accommodated without any trouble at all. Michael Mossinghoff
Department of Mathematics, Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina
I currently use IRMACS space mainly for organizing smaller workshops (up to 150 attendees), hold technical seminars, conduct regular videoconferencing, and have technical meetings. I also rely on IRMACS facilities to host my visitors and colleagues and expect that this usage will increase with time.

I find that IRMACS facilities and IRMACS staff provide a unique environment for hosting visitors and fostering scientific collaborations. My collaborations with the Hong Kong and the Kyoto research groups were facilitated and were enhanced after several members visited IRMACS.

Thank to the videoconferencing, I was able to regularly attend NRAC meetings and actively participate in planning one of my research projects that deals with traffic measurements from BCNET. As a result, in 2008, BCNET contributed $32,000 to match the NSERC RTI Grant intended for purchasing the needed measurement equipment.
Ljiljana Trajkovic
School of Engineering Science, Simon Fraser University
The facilities for the talks were great.  The main lecture room is probably the more comfortable I have ever been.  The projection of the talk was readable from every part of the room, regardless if it was an overhead talk, or a laptop talk. The technical staff were knowledgeable, and were able to fix any problems before anybody knew that they were there. At most conferences I go to, there is always something that goes wrong with one of the talks, but that was not the case for this conference.  The facilities outside of the seminar room were also very good, with plenty of space for talking, or doing math, and a large number of computers to check email from. Kevin Hare
Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario
The conference was great! I fully enjoyed all of the talks, the staff and technical support, IRMACS facilities ... Sinai Robins
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
... Generally speaking I was very please with the organization of the conference.  In particular the staff and technical support, the IRMACS facilities ... Jeff Vaaler
University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX
IRMACS hosts numerous research workshops and conferences, attended by a broad spectrum of researchers both within mathematics and from outside areas collaborating with mathematicians at IRMACS and elsewhere. I have participated in several of these workshops in the last few years and I am always impressed by their high level of scholarship and by the expertise of the people attending. Most recently, I attend the SAGE Days workshop in August 2008, which focused on training in the latest software tools for mathematic research and graphical visualization in science ... it was led by an impressive team of researchers (including Bill Casselman, William Stein, David Austin, Nils Bruin, Rob Bradshaw), and with participants ranging from graduate students to well established mathematical scientists. It was an excellent workshop that focused on exposing some of the best software tools available for mathematical research. Michael P. Lamoureux
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB