Research Projects at IRMACS

The IRMACS Centre is a unique, interdisciplinary research facility whose goal is to enable collaborative interaction both physically and virtually. IRMACS removes traditional boundaries between scientific disciplines creating an intellectually stimulating environment for its researchers. It provides a flexible, computationally sophisticated environment for almost 300 scientists whose primary laboratory tool is the computer. The IRMACS Centre's thoughtful design encourages contact and exchange of ideas. It fulfils a critical need to house diverse groups of scientists for variable periods of time. The configurable open research facility efficiently incorporates a community of scientists, research associates, students, and visitors in a flexible manner. The list of current projects below and past projects highlight the breath and depth of collaborative research taking place at SFU.

Project Leaders Project Name
Jinko Graham and Brad McNeney Statistical Methods for Association Studies of Complex Genetic Disorders
Carlo Menon Bio-Inspired Robotics
Bojan Mohar Computational Graph Theory
Arne Mooers Evolutionary Graphs
Ryan Morin Sequence-Based Analysis of Human Cancer
David Muraki IRMACS Working Group in Fluid Dynamics & Applied Analysis
Nilima Nigam Mathematical models and simulation strategies: from nanodevices to bone grafts
Norm O'Rourke Bipolar Affective Disorder and Older Adults (BADAS) Study
Wendy Palen Developing a Decision Support Tool for Minimizing Energy-Environment Tradeoffs in BC
Fred Popowich SFU School of Computing Science Big Data Cohort 1147
Fred Popowich SFU School of Computing Science Big Data Cohort 1157
Fred Popowich SFU School of Computing Science Big Data Cohort 1167
Fred Popowich Vancouver Institute for Visual Analytics
Stephen Robinovitch Injury Prevention and Mobility Laboratory
Alexander (Sandy) Rutherford Complex Systems Modelling Group
MADD-GEN Program
Jamie Scott Data Management Systems for Immune Response Genetics
Andrew Sixsmith AGE-WELL: Core Facility
Andrew Sixsmith International Society of Gerontechnology
Andrew Sixsmith Sustaining Quality of Life for the Rapidly Increasing Aging Population
Carolyn Sparrey Seemless Care through Technology: A Focus on Brain Vitality
Tamon Stephen Boolean Function Generation for Complex Systems
John Stockie Modelling and Simulation of Fluid Flows with Industrial Applications
Steven Thompson Studies in Sampling and Experimental Design
Ljiljana Trajkovic High Performance Networks: Modeling, Simulation & Analysis