Bioinformatics Workshop: The Next Generation


This 2012 workshop, jointly sponsored by IRMACS and the SFU Department of Biological Sciences, is directed towards SFU bench and field biologists (faculty and graduate students) who require a broad overview of bioinformatics and specific knowledge about how to analyse sequence data generated by “next generation” short read technology, to support their current scientific research objectives. The workshop facilitator will be Richard Bruskiewich, Adjunct Professor of MBB. Some lectures may be delivered by guest speakers (TBA).


The workshop lectures and demo/labs will generally take place in the IRMACS Centre, Room 10900 (top floor, Applied Sciences Building) with the exception of the March 14th and May 9th lectures plus the May 10th lab/demo for which there is a meeting conflict in IRMACS. These sessions will instead be convened in BioSci room B9242.

Workshop Outline & Schedule

Topic Lecture (12:30 – 14:30, Wednesdays) Demo/Lab (9:30 – 11:30, Thursdays)
Bioinformatics Overview (roughly equivalent to core MBB 441/741 topics)    
Workshop Overview and Practical Informatics Considerations March 7th (ppt) March 8th (ppt)
Command Line (pdf)
Sequence Formats, Databases and Visualization Tools March 14th (ppt)
March 15th (ppt)
Sequence Alignment and Searching March 21st (ppt)
March 22nd (ppt)
Dynamic Programming (ppt)
Phylogenetics and Multiple Sequence Alignments March 28th (ppt)
March 29th (ppt)
Genome Annotation April 4th (ppt)
April 5th (ppt)
Specific Applications    
Next Generation Sequencing and Sequence Assembly Algorithms May 2nd (ppt)
May 3rd (ppt)
Sequence Assembly of Whole Genomes May 9th (ppt) N/A
Sequence Assembly of Transcriptomes May 16th (ppt) N/A
Identification and Analysis of Sequence Variation (Guest Lecturer: Professor Cenk Sahinalp)
N/A May 24th
Meta-Analysis of Genomic Data May 30th (ppt)