Each month the IRMACS Centre is proud to feature novel research being conducted at the centre. We call this "Research Spotlights". Below are the past spotlights.
Award Month Project Leader Name Project Title Link
January - February 2016 Kelley Lee Tobacco Companies, Public Policy and Global Health view
October - December 2015 Jie Liang 3D Video Coding and Transmission view
March - April 2015 Felix Breden and Jamie Scott iReceptor view
January - February 2014 Dr. Michael Hart Population Genomics of Sea Stars view
November - December 2013 Dr. Nick Dulvy Conservation Connections: Using Evolution to Guide Conservation Priorities view
August - October 2013 Dr. Zabrina Brumme HIV Lab view
May - July 2013 Drs. Jinko Graham and Brad McNeney Statistical Methods for Association Studies of Complex Genetic Disorders view
March - April 2013 Dr. Andrew Sixsmith Sustaining Quality of Life for the Rapidly Increasing Aging Population view
January - February, 2013 Dr. Mark Collard Human Evolutionary Studies Programme view
September - December, 2012 Dr. Jason Bell Study of Automata and its Applications to Number Theory and Algebra view
July - August, 2012 Drs. Peter Borwein & Stephen Choi Explorations in Computational Number Theory view
May - June, 2012 Dr. Fiona Brinkman Bioinformatics for Health Research view
January - February, 2012 Dr. Mirza Faisal Beg Improving Sensitivity of Early Detection of AD via Multidimensional Analysis of Longitudinal MR Scans view
November - December, 2011 Dr's. Robert Hogg and Krisztina Vasarhelyi Title: IMPACT - HIV: Interdisciplinary Modelling for the Prevention, Care and Treatment of HIV and Related Infections view
July - August 2011 Dr. Ljiljana Trajkovic High Performance Networks: Modeling, Simulation & Analysis view
March - April 2011 Dr. Alexander (Sandy) Rutherford Complex Systems Modelling Group view
January - March, 2011 Hayri Ardal, Tom Brown, and Veselin Jungic IRMACS Ramsey Theory Working Group view
September- December, 2010 Dr. Vahid Dabbaghian Modelling of Complex Social Systems (MoCSSy) Program view
June - August, 2010 Dr. Tamon Stephen Boolean Function Generation for Complex Systems view
April - May, 2010 Dr. Cedric Chauve Combinatorial Models of Synteny Conservation in Genomes view
December - March, 2010 Dr. Hare Applications and Advancements of Algorithms for Nonsmooth Optimization view
September-November, 2009 Dr. Derek Bingham Problems in the Design & Analysis of Computer Experiments view
July - August, 2009 Dr. Carlo Menon Bio-inspired Robotics view
May - June, 2009 Dr. Levon Pogosian Cosmological Tests of Fundamental Physics view
March - April, 2009 Dr. George Nicholas Intellectual Property Issues in Cultural Heritage: Theory, Practice, Policy view