Training HQP at the IRMACS Centre

Training HQP photos

"My students have benefited greatly from interactions with other students at IRMACS. They are learning advanced graph theory and modelling techniques that I could not teach them myself. Because all my students are now housed together in a productive work environment that they enjoy, they are interacting more among themselves too, because they are spending more time at SFU."

A. Mooers, Biological Sciences

Training Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP)

At IRMACS, the training of HQP is a fundamental part of our research model. The IRMACS Centre has become an SFU destination for the training of graduate and post doctoral fellow researchers and is an important part of the intellectual environment that facilitates the retention of SFU's elite cadre of researchers.

Researchers in IRMACS are exposed to research in a wide range of areas as well as given the opportunity to explore interdisciplinarity as applied to their area of research. In addition, IRMACS graduate students and post doctoral fellows are able to gain valuable experience with a wide range of technology-based research tools, including computational, visualization, and distance collaboration.


IRMACS provides hands-on training sessions on a range of its technologies including computational science, advanced networking, human-computer interaction, collaboration, and visualization to its members, both onsite and offsite. Not only do local researchers get exposed to the IRMACS infrastructure, but so do our research collaborators from remote institutions (regionally, nationally, and globally).

Technical Personnel

The IRMACS facility is unique in Canada as a training resource for technical personnel. The IRMACS Centre's leading edge computing, storage, collaboration, and visualization technologies result in IRMACS technical staff developing skills in areas that would be difficult, if not impossible, to acquire elsewhere. These unique skills are being increasingly utilized by the wider SFU community.

"The enhanced computing facilities positively influence productivity and therefore enhance fundability of the ongoing projects. The ability of being able to show potential graduate students the excellent facilities they would be able to make use of enhances our recruiting success. By attracting better graduate students, we enhance the quality of research and training of [HQP] that happens at SFU and [thus] enhances our fundability."

N Bruin, Mathematics