Visiting Scholars

The IRMACS Centre welcomes visitors on many levels, ranging from long-term sabbatical visits, through extended research collaborations, to short-term research visits. All visitors to IRMACS share the same benefits as IRMACS members, including access to the IRMACS labs, technical infrastructure, meeting rooms, and technical support. If you are interested in visiting the IRMACS Centre, please refer to the Visiting IRMACS page or contact the IRMACS Centre directly.

The list below presents the researchers who visited IRMACS in the past 18 months.

Researcher Name Department Affiliation Country
Alejandro Adem Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) UBC University of British Columbia Canada
Jose Antonio Aguero Fernandez Molecular Biology Department National Center for Animal and Plant Health Cuba
Ron Aharoni Statistics and Actuarial Sciences Israel Institute of Technology Israel
Kenji Amaya Department of Mathematics and Statistics Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
Morten Andersen Nature System Models Roskilde University Denmark
Jaiwook Baik Department of Mathematics Korea National Open University Korea, South
Robert Bailey School of Mathematics and Statistics Carleton University Canada
Sue Barwick School of Mathematical Sciences University of Adelaide Australia
Rob Beardmore Department of Mathematics and Statistics Imperial College London United Kingdom
Elizabeth Becker Computing Science Legacy Filmworks Canada
Peter Beerli Department of Computer Science Florida State University United States
Jean-Claude Bermond Engineering Science Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique France
Andrej Blejec Department of Entomology National Institute of Biology Slovenia
David Borwein Department of Mathematics University of Western Ontario Canada
Jan Bouwe van den Berg Department of Mathematics Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Netherlands
Rollin Brant IRMACS Centre Simon Fraser University Canada
John Braun Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences University of Western Ontario Canada
Patrick Brown Department of Public Health Sciences University of Toronto Canada
David Bryant Department of Mathematics Simon Fraser University Canada
Yuchua Bu College of Mathematics Physics and Information Technology Zhejiang Normal University China
Ernesto Caceres Department of Mathematics Simon Fraser University Canada
Marcio Cardoso Biological Sciences Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte Brazil
Peter Cass Department of Mathematics University of Western Ontario Canada
Renee Catullo Ecosystems Sciences Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) Australia
O-Yeat Chan Department of Mathematics and Statistics Dalhousie University Canada